19 year old dating 30 year old

I might consider seriously dating if she had no kids.

If they go down this low they want the exact opposite. The girls my age wanna just party and drink all the time and I guess they consider me boring and they dont want long term relationships. I just said nothing 2 weeks long like my last relationship Plus im more physically attracted to women that age It could be. I also like slightly younger men, and have been often told I look younger too. When he heard I already have a bf - he was all "aaawww, that's such a pity...The sad part is even if I explain to you why, you wont agree with me and will try to do it anyways and just end up being bitter or upset in the end.- Lets just say no matter how mature you think you are, you arent not as mature as a 30 yr old women and because of this (and that your job pays less than hers), it will be harder for her to respect you as a boyfriend.This could lead to resentment between the 2 of you.Generally, its not a great idea to date an older women, much less a women who is 11 yrs older than you.

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As a 19 year old male no, perhaps if you were mid-late 20s and you have matured and are dating a women in her 30s then yes as I am it can work but ofc there are hurdles just like any relationship.

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