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If the myth is about a one-time occurrence, or if a myth requires extremely specific circumstances to occur as stated, it is often deemed "plausible" instead.Savage's demeanour on Myth Busters is animated and energetic, providing a foil to Jamie Hyneman's more reserved straight-man persona. He says he wants to be a "relatable example" for other athletes and LGBT people, adding: “I want to say something to the dad out there who might be concerned that his son is a figure skater.

Starting with the second season, members of Hyneman's staff were introduced and began to appear regularly in episodes; Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and welder Scottie Chapman appeared in the second an American industrial designer and special effects designer/fabricator, actor, educator, and television personality, known as the former co-host (with Jamie Hyneman) of the Discovery Channel television series Myth Busters and Unchained Reaction.His model work has appeared in major films, including Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and The Matrix Reloaded. He lives in San Francisco with his twin sons and his wife, Julia.He said, "I remember my mom getting me a 'Jaws' costume when 'Jaws' came out..wearing a Batman costume.Back then, everyone dressed up as hobos." He strives for authenticity with his costumes.

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His father, Whitney Lee Savage (1928–1998), was a painter, filmmaker and animator known for his work on Sesame Street, and has a permanent exhibit in the Avampato Discovery Museum in Charleston, West Virginia. As a teenager in Sleepy Hollow, he routinely visited the local bike shop to have flat tires fixed. From this experience, Savage said, "I realized you could take a bike apart and put it back together and it wasn't that hard...

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