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1-4 Published by authority of the Acts of Congress of March 3, 1891 of June 30, 1906, and of March 4, 1909 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE WASHINGTON: 1940 ^rr$ 1- LIBRARY OF CONGRESS COPYRIGHT OFFICE CATALOG OF COPYRIGHT ENTRIES 4 PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY OF THE ACTS OF CONGRESS OF MARCH 3, 1891, OF JUNE 30, 1906, AND OF MARCH 4, 1909 PART 4 WORKS OF ART; REPRODUCTIONS OF A WORK OF ART; DRAWINGS OR PLASTIC WORKS OF A SCIENTIFIC OR TECHNICAL CHARACTER; PHOTOGRAPHS; PRINTS AND PICTORIAL ILLUSTRATIONS INCLUDING LIST OF RENEWALS 1939 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 34 No. 1 CLASS G WORKS OP ART ; MODELS OR DESIGNS FOR WORKS OF ART Note. Discussion topics include sale of goods and consumer protection legislation; debtor-creditor relations; competition law; intellectual property rights and manufacturers' product liability.LIBRARY OF CONGRESS COPYRIGHT OFFICE CATALOG OF COPYRIGHT ENTRIES PART 4 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 34 FOR THE YEAR 1939 Nos. Hardin, 5081.— James, 5083.— Sal- ter, 5084.— Stone, 5082. Amendt, John G.* 11 Light of new day lamp and clock. Kenerson (Harley C.) Memorial: Smith, 623.— Smith (Henry M.) 624. Carr, Charles M.* 116 Golden Gate exposition Treasure Island bracelet, 1939.

— Six vertical arms mounted upon a candelabra, etc., Z.

Armand, Herman.* 44 San Francisco earthquake and fire.

46 Becker (Arthur) : Cherchez la femme (Seek the woman) © 1 c.

Mc Elwee (Clarence A.) : Cook it on the range, food dishes with that zest of the West flavor.

Beals, Dorothy Lee.* 61 This little pig went to market.

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