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So if you complete the game in a different way than I have written it's not wrong.Also, I do not mention easy stuff, like: "Walk to building now, say yes" that kinda stuff.

You'll have to live with it or learn one of these languages. Trade (a Early Game (b Midgame Game (c Investing (d Late Game (e Advanced Game 12. Cheat Codes (a Game Genie Codes (b Pro Action Replay Codes 16. Joao has 00, (an aquamarine tiara given to him by his mother Christiana when you visit the house between 10 and 12pm), a Latino Caravela (when you visit the shipyard) and a rapier (when you visit the Item Shop) to begin his journey.

I just tell you the major parts of the story, it's your job to complete it.

When you find mistakes in the walkthroughs, please let me know.

Travel down the coast and discover villages up the river by Luanda.

You will lose some crew at the river village so stop by Luanda for crew and provisions.

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