Dating japanese pottery

Ancient pottery, arguably the world's most commonly practiced form of ancient art, first appeared during the Upper Paleolithic in the Moravian basin of Central Europe.

Unlike other types of plastic art, pottery was invented then lost, then reinvented then lost again, before finally becoming established around the world during the Neolithic period (c.8000-2000 BCE).

Western Linear Pottery Culture spreads into Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, and France.

Also San Jacinto culture ceramic vessels made in Colombia. "Painted Pottery Culture" in China (ends 2000 BCE).

By this date pottery was being produced throughout the Russian Far East, notably by the Gromatukha and Novopetrovsk cultures.Also pottery-making begins in the Indian sub-continent.Mehrgarh Period II ceramic culture (5500-4800 BCE) is centred on present-day northwest India and Pakistan.Start of Eastern Linear Pottery Culture which spreads into Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine.Chinese Hongshan Culture (4700-2900) develops in Inner Mongolia and northeastern China.

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