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These children and grandchildren bear the family-name of their infamous ancestors while not accepting and, in some cases sharply repudiating, the legacies of those ancestors.Modern society washes away what happened last week, let alone by the last generation.We can find business partners, employees or suppliers online and we can cooperate with them without any problem by only using Skype and other modern communication avenues.We date people online and we can grow fond of each other without actually meeting in person.How should we view crimes committed by our parents and ancestors?At what point do our ancestors' acts forfeit our natural (and culturally-encouraged) love for them?When the two partners maintain the contact only via technology, they may be good for a while, but real life is soon going to kick in, making at least one of them drift apart from the relationship.

The documentary addresses these issues in the starkest case: by speaking with the relatives of men who committed the worst of crimes.

Even so, you know perfectly well that there will be challenges.

You may even be a little worried about maintaining that special connection that keeps your relationship solid when you’re face-to-face.

At the least, we owe victims of atrocities remembrance of their history and their suffering. To understand our present, we need to grapple with our past, including the ugly parts.

Sie waren gnadenlose Massenmörder: Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler, Rudolf Hess, Hans Frank, Amon Göth. Wie aber lebt man, wenn man als Kind, Enkel oder Großnichte einen dieser Namen trägt?

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