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Once you have set up your account and select or create your AMIs, you are ready to boot your instance.

You can start your AMI on any number of On-Demand instances by using the Run Instances API call.

Amazon EC2 changes the economics of computing by allowing you to pay only for capacity that you actually use. To sign up for Amazon EC2, click the “Sign up for This Web Service” button on the Amazon EC2 detail page.

You must have an Amazon Web Services account to access this service; if you do not already have one, you will be prompted to create one when you begin the Amazon EC2 sign-up process.

Any resource created with the new format will retain its longer ID, even if you opt back out. In January 2018, longer IDs will be available for opt-in via APIs and the EC2 Console.

From January 2018 through the end of June 2018, all accounts can opt-in and out of longer IDs as needed for testing.

You simply need to indicate how many instances you wish to launch.

If you only use the console to manage AWS resources, you might not be impacted at all, but you should still update your settings to use the longer ID format as soon as possible.Amazon EC2 registration requires you to have a valid phone number and email address on file with AWS in case we ever need to contact you.Verifying your phone number takes only a couple of minutes and involves receiving a phone call during the registration process and entering a PIN number using the phone key pad.After signing up, please refer to the Amazon EC2 documentation, which includes our Getting Started Guide.Q: Why am I asked to verify my phone number when signing up for Amazon EC2?

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