Marriage moving from dating to marriage

For example: sit down and tell your spouse that you need a night a week to yourself; ask for help cooking meals/cleaning/whatever; tell your spouse you need his/her support when it comes to disciplining the kids; ask him/her to hang out with your family instead of spending every weekend golfing/rollerblading/underwater basket weaving, etc.Here’s an example of extreme renegotiating: I was recently talking with a woman who I knew had been going through some bumps in her marriage for quite some time.“I love you and I’m not leaving you, “she said, “but this ring doesn’t represent what it should–our marriage isn’t a true union right now.” She felt peaceful about her decision, she said, and she didn’t do it to threaten her spouse–she did it because she’d decided it was time for her to let her husband know she wasn’t going to keep picking up all of the slack when it came to maintaining their marriage.Now, I’m not in any way advocating that you do this yourself.Please know I’m not always able to respond to each message. As of February 2015, I’ll be posting your problems to the site (not using your name) so that we can solve your issue together instead of replying to each individual comment.I believe this will be more beneficial than me attempting to reply to each individual email or comment, especially since there are probably several other folks out there dealing with your same problem.But when I don’t tell someone else about it, it continues to eat at me and eventually spurs me to action.What does staying stuck in that resentment really accomplish, anyway?

Finally, she took her wedding ring off and gave it back to her husband.

You can only do it so long–eventually, it’s going to pop right up out of the water, probably when you least expect it. I’ve been thinking a lot about resentment lately, and trying to figure out how to let it go.

Here’s what these all my impromptu interviews with strangers have taught me: 1) If you’re feeling resentful, try renegotiating with your spouse.

At one point in our lives we moved 4 times in 18 months. I’m exhausted and worn-out and I feel like our marriage is drowning in all of these storms.” I hesitated to share any of this with my Beloved because I could tell he was exhausted as well.

They left me wondering where God was in all of this. I feel like the housekeeper going from one home to the next and cleaning and packing and cleaning and unpacking.

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Besides driving another wedge between you and your honey, that is. Think about this Nelson Mandela quote for awhile and then tell me what you think: “ 3) Put some time into your marriage.

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