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Keep in mind that you’ll need to have at least one card open that earns Membership Rewards points open, otherwise you will lose any Membership Rewards points you have when you cancel.

The Am Ex Every Day card has no annual fee, so you might want to consider downgrading to this card.

If your annual fee does post it looks like you have 30 days/one statement cycle to cancel and get the AF refunded: 1, 2, Chase introduced a new policy of October 2016 regarding annual fee refunds.

Each credit card issuer is different when it comes to when these fees become payable and what date you need to cancel by to avoid the annual fee for the next year.When receiving the prorated annual fee refund they will based it on a month, even if you’re only a few days into your annual fee.For example if your annual posts on January 1st and you product change on January 2nd you’ll receive a prorated annual fee refund for 11 months instead of 11 months and X days. Every state has different laws on how collection agencies are allowed to talk to you. This daily investment newsletter delivers free independent financial forecasting and commentary along with carefully selected products and services that we think might interest you. Now collection agencies start calling you day and night. Or if you answer the phone, record the conversation. So record the conversations and try to get them angry. They use fake names like "Dick Brockman" and they say things like "In five days we have to go to court and seize all of your assets." Again, in some states this is illegal to say. One thing you always have the right to do: Say, "Show me the proof I owe this money." Since the collection agencies got your name from a hedge fund that might have bought only part of your debt from another hedge fund, who knows where that original proof is?

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Before calling you should do the following: Below is a list of rules for each card issuer.

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