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Still, the details made for sensational type, and newspapers across the country printed the dispatch.Despite rejecting Snell’s offer, Savidge received hundreds of letters expressing romantic interest in the wealthy rancher.Compared to the early 1900s, the role of the family has decreased, now playing a part in only 10 percent of all matches.In its place, friends and college became more important.Progressive Era reformers and radicals (studied by scholars like Christiana Simmons and Clare Virginia Eby) supported companionate marriage ideals that, theoretically at least, enhanced the autonomy of each individual in the marriage relationship.

And most Americans simply did not need additional matchmaking help—friends and family played the part just fine.With many romantic relationships in the early twentieth century occurring under the watchful eye of family members, friends, and church leaders, marriages tended to be religiously and racially homogenous.Before the 1960s, under 20 percent of all marriages were interfaith marriages, while interracial marriages were even more miniscule, making up less than 3 percent of marriages. New freedoms arising from improvements in transportation and communication allowed many young men and women to expand their social circles.“It’s a great site to find other singles who like long walks on the beach … Products catered to the conservative Christian subculture are generally not promoted to a wide mainstream audience, which helps to explain why Colbert’s audience would have been amused by the Christian matchmaking site.There is also a sense of novelty in going national with a faith-based dating marketing campaign.

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