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Nevertheless, they serve similar items like the other place like the stuffed ma yau fish - where the flesh is removed with the skin intact and subsequently mixed with chopped carrots and coriander before being stuffed back again.

A dish that requires a lot of legwork, this was really good here with a nice springy and tasty fish filling.

KUALA LUMPUR: Having heard so many horror stories of women passengers being robbed, harassed or sexually assaulted while using public transport and ride-hailing services, two best friends decided to create a women-only transport service platform. D) service in October last year and so far it has elicited a good response from the public. In fact, I’ve had friends too who were robbed by cabbies. In May, a 26-year-old pregnant woman was robbed by her Uber driver after she boarded his car in Kuala Lumpur to return to her home in Puchong.

Drive straight and you will see a Petronas on the left hand side.The curry was aromatic from their special curry mix and rich from the coconut milk used.Definitely a dish to slowly relish with bowls and bowls of hot white rice to slurp down all that delicious curry.She told the police that she could not fight him off because she was drunk. Most of them are homemakers who offer their services on a part-time basis. The drivers were also required to register with Uber “for safety reasons and to refer to the rates provided by the e-hailing service provider”, she added. To use its service, one has to register as a member of the Facebook group first. D also provides its services to women who want to travel to Johor Bahru, Ipoh, Penang and Kuantan.It was also reported last November that a Grab Car driver allegedly flashed himself to his female passenger while sending her to a mall in Petaling Jaya. “It’s a nice way for stay-at-home mothers to earn some extra money as the hours are flexible,” Jaspreet said, adding that some of their drivers were working full-time elsewhere and viewed L. “We refer to Uber’s app as a guideline for us to set the fare according to the distance travelled. D Facebook page, the administrators have stated that their group was “not in any way affiliated with Uber or Grab Car”, adding that it was independent and agreements are made between the rider and driver only. To make a booking for a ride, the member has to post the relevant details on the template provided. “We appreciate our riders sending in their requests the day before but sometimes we get requests just five hours before the service is needed. Extra income helpful Some of its drivers also send and pick up schoolchildren.

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For those based in PJ or central KL, you'll probably want to know if this place is worth a weekend drive out.

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