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(function(){var file List=[];file List.push("// B51Iw0e GYp/hi-pri-render.js? _\x3d08bad");file List.push("// B51Iw0e GYp/render.js? _\x3d08bad");file List.push("// B51Iw0e GYp/instance.js? Catherine Duff, a fifty-seven-year old Indiana grandma with a compromised immune system, drove up to the security gates of the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.“The only thing they didn’t ask for was a DNA sample,” she says. ” Half an hour later, armed with a badge that allowed her to enter the NIH campus, she headed to the Lister Hill Center auditorium.As she browsed the registration sheet, she found her first surprise.So a single practitioner would never get it done alone. “To treat an occasional patient with this procedure, you’re not going to fill out an application that size,” he says.“It basically meant: FDA shuts it down for most people.” Catherine Duff didn’t know the IND application itself weighed more than her baby grandson, but she understood the outcomes.She was greeted by four armed guards, two of them holding dogs on leashes.

When she was finally let out of the booth, she found the doors of her Chevrolet Tahoe open and a canine sniffing through the glove compartment.

The auditorium’s first few rows, outfitted with microphones and outlets for laptops, were reserved for featured speakers, so she settled in the bleachers and took out her i Pad to take notes on fecal updates.

The Food and Drug Administration was hosting a public workshop with a peculiar name: Fecal Microbiota for Transplantation.

Catherine knew the horrors of the illness firsthand.

She had been confined to her house for weeks, having to use the bathroom every two hours, and was bedridden for months, fatigued from not being able to absorb nutrients from food.

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Guards guided mirrors underneath the car, checking for explosives.

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