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De kroniek van Abraham kan bewerkt zijn [...] door latere schrijvers, net zoals Mormon en Moroni, de profetische geschiedschrijvers van het Boek van Mormon, de geschriften van oudere volken reviseerden.(‘Translation and Historicity of the Book of Abraham’, Gospel Topics, Hoewel de boeken van de twaalf profeten voornamelijk tot Gods volk zijn gericht, worden in het boek Obadja de Edomieten toegesproken, die broeders van de Israëlieten waren genoemd (Deuteronomium 2:4).Other than her light complexion, she was indistinguishable from the myriad of saddhus (spiritual renunciates) wandering around India. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness, the first thing I saw, prominently displayed on the wall of the cave, was a hand- printed poster in Hebrew with God's ineffable name surrounded by Hebrew Scriptural passages. Amidst all the trappings of a highly committed Hindu practitioner, hidden in the deepest recesses, was a cherished Jewish identity.This incongruous juxtaposition abides in the hearts of many Jews who follow Eastern spiritual paths.In totaal bevat de Koran 114 soera's die met uitzondering van soera Het Berouw (At-Tauba)allemaal beginnen met de aanhef Bismillah ar-Rahmaan ar-Rahiem (In de naam van God, de genadevolle, de Barmhartige).Buiten eigennamen en geografische termen komen er zo'n 1875 verschillende woorden in de Koran voor.My friend Henya, after years in the Jewish renewal movement, decided that it was not feeding her spiritually. There, in the foothills of the Himalayas, she found a guru.She moved into a cave near the guru, adopted the Sanskrit name "Janaki," and immersed herself in sadhana, Hindu spiritual practices.

For many Jews in Eastern paths, their dual identity remains a low-grade ambivalence. David Gottlieb, who grew up Reform, is a writer who has worked in theater and public relations.Since more than one-fifth of all American Buddhists are Jewish, this issue of dual identity may be widespread."My Zen practice caused increasing discomfort and friction," recalls David, "not only within myself but between me and my wife.After years of studying and practicing Buddhism at a Zen center near Chicago, he received lay ordination as a Zen Buddhist in 2002."I am a Zen Jew struggling to resolve these two identities," he writes.

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