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The city's first grammar school and printworks were both established in 1833, followed by the professional National theatre (1835), Military academy (1837) and the first full-fledged university in the newly independent Serbia (1838).Kragujevac was the site of a massacre by the Nazis (1941), in which 2,778 Serb men and boys were murdered.Kragujevac, the capital, was developing and cherishing modern, progressive, free ideas and resembled many European capitals of that time.The complex of the old foundry, which expanded in time, is called Vojnotehnički zavod u Kragujevcu or VTZ ("Military and technical institute in Kragujevac").

Ottoman documents from the 15th century refer to it as a "village of Kragujevdza".VTZ is the jumping-off place of the entire Serbian industry in an effort to distance Serbia from the Ottoman heritage and bring it closer to the Western Europe, the most important industrial heritage of Serbia and the unique complex in Southeast Europe.As only workers were allowed to enter the complex for decades, the citizens of Kragujevac called it the "Forbidden City" (Zabranjeni grad).In 1536 census, Ottoman authorities name that Kragujevac kasaba (town in Turkish) has 7 Muslim mahalas with 56 houses in total, and a Christian community, jamia, with 29 houses.The town itself gained prominence during the Ottoman period (1459–1804) as the central point in the Belgrade Pashaluk (Sanjak of Smederevo).

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The "Jerina Cave", located near the village of Gradac in the direction of Batočina, was inhabited from 37,000 to 27,000 BP.

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