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If it was a blank account that was just squatting on your name, this technique could still work.

But Twitter recently began rejecting impersonation claims submitted without documented evidence of actual impersonation.

It says it’s optional, but it will save you a step.

You’re going to need a website and email address with the same name to give you a credible claim.

Before too long, a human on the Twitter Trust and Safety team will follow up with you if there are any problems with your submission.

If everything is in order, after a perfectly reasonable amount of time, you’ll get the glorious email. When you log in to the account you listed in step 3, it will have the name you’ve been waiting for.

For example, the Twitter handle I wanted was @emotikon, which is the name of my musical projects.

I own, so I used an email address from that domain throughout this process.

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There are Facebook users who can’t even get a reason for why their accounts have been suspended and there are others that don’t even want the account but would like to start a new account with the same email address.

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