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PAGE MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT: 1.— Supba-Dbpartmbntal Businbss viii 2.— Administration in rblation to Foods ... — Cholera xv 7.— Auxiliary Scientific Investigations ... 3.— Local Housing Conditions and Administration, illustrated by Extracts from Reports made by Medical Inspectors in 1906-7 31 No. There would be no diminution of expense to the district should the Board determine to refuse sanction to the appointment of Inspector of Nuisances being held conjointly with that of Assistant Surveyor, as in such case there would be no repayment from the county funds of a moiety of the salary of the Inspector of Nuisances, and the services of a third officer would be lost to the district. Turbid yellow white fluid with clots in it Normal milk. No fluid could be obtained at all from the affected quartejr, but samples were obtained from the three presumably h^thy quarters. This table shows that, unlike Case I., the other quarters were not at all involved. of the milk fi-om each quarter were added to broth and examined in hanging drop preparations after two days' incubation. Also for ieach of the three quarters part of the centril'ugalised deposit was distributed over an agar plate. Calved about nine days before the sample was collected, Alpiost immediately Bacterial Studies of Milk : Savage.

viii 3.— Gbnbral Administrative Business of THE Medical Department ix 4.— Vaccination and Public Vaccination ... The best sanitary interests of a district are not served when an Inspector of Nuisances is subordinated in his work to a Surveyor. Lailey has been appointed Resident Engineer to the extensive new sewage disposal works, and work in the Surveyor's Department seems to have increased. This case is only introduced here to show the condition of the other quarters in a case of mild parenchymatous mastitis, affecting only one quarter. Not more than 65 per cent, of the leucocytes were of the polymorphonuclear variety. The number of colonies were scanty on all the plates, and no strep- tococci could be isolated. 245 after (ialying the milk from the left hind quarter failed, and none conld be obtained from it, although the milk from the other three quarters was quite unafl Pected.

Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. Genebal Administrative Business of the Medical Department. Serious shortage of water, due to a breakdown of one of the pumping engines ; as a temporary expedient, a new tunnel in course of construction to connect the wells. House accommodation mostly satis&ctory, the majority of fairly modern construction, but many are of very limited capacity. Of thirteen butchers, only three have slaughter-houses ; the remainder slaughter in the shops. Inspector of Nuisances holds a plurality of appointments, which prevents him giving adequate attention to his sanitary duties ; a whole-time officer urgently required. Tavistock Rural District (Dbvon) ; population (1901), 16,305 ; Dr. Ground of Inquiry: An outbreak of diphtheria in the families of the officers of H. Convict Prison at Prince- town, Dartmoor, reported to the Board by the Home Office. Many damp cottages in the district ; some over-crowding in them.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Savage on Bacterial Studies of Milk from Healthy and Diseased Cows * ... As in past years your Medical Department sought to extend its usefulness by obtaining and disseminating knowledge. The water supply will still remain subject to the various and serious disadvantages to which Dr. Cowsheds fairly satisfactory, but many small unsatisfac- tory milkshops in the town. Chief Facets reported by Inspector : Most of the diphtheria in prison warders* families; a few cases in families outside the prison. Many shallow and dip wells, exposed to serious contamination. The majority of cowsheds defective in ventilation and paving, and over-crowded. Medical Officer of Health an unsatisfactory officer ; neglected to report to the Board on the diphtheria outbreak for ten months, and generally negligent and incompetent. 251, Price 4rf.] Authority concerned: Trowbridge Urban District Council.

raised after my former visit to £20, at which it now stands. 276, Price 8rf.] Aut Jwrity concerned : Panteg Urban District Council.

This area contained about half the houses in Pontypool Urban District.

88 of the houses invaded during the whole period found to be within an area supplied with drinking water from the gas works spring.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Advice and assistance have been directly rendered to local authorities by visits of medical inspectors. Fremlin on the results of sustained subjection of glycerinated calf lymph to temperatures below freezing point. Zymotic prevalence apparently to some extent due to heavy incidence of childhood's infectious diseases on a population in which the proportion of children is higher than that in the county of Durham, the proportion in Durham being in turn higher than that in England and Wales. Special need for attention to the condition of much old house property, and for effecting improvement in the character of the house drains.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Formal inquiries have been held by these officers into such matters as combination of districts for hospital or other adminis- trative purpose, loans for hospital sites and buildings, proposals as to local byelaws, and schemes for water supply and sewage disposal. is partially reproduced without the illustratio DS in the origmal report (No. It draws attention to conditions of housing in Whickham Urban District, and in other parts of Durham and Northumberland which deserve wide publicity. 5), that during the twelve months ending 31st March, 1907, 551,750 charges of glvcerinated calf lymrfi were issued from the Board's Laboratory. The investigation has an important bearing on the ability of the Government Lymph Establishment to supply lymph under the pressure of a sma U-*pox epidemic ; and inves- tigations on the same lines are being continued. 6, contains tables compiled from the annual returns of vaccination officers, with respect to infants whose births were registered in 1905. Ample work to occupy whole-time services of an active and competent inspector of nuisances, qualified in food inspection.

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No isolation hospital provided, and no disinfector.

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