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Several affidavits describe Tallio as someone who got along well with kids and looked after them.“He was protective of them,” as his aunt Geraldine Morton put it.Around 1 a.m., Tallio’s uncle Cyril and aunt Nina came home from a local pub with Vickers, who is Nina’s sister, Vickers said in her affidavit.About seven hours later, Tallio, then 17, was picked up by police for the murder of his 22-month-old relative Delavina Mack.It was a crime Tallio pleaded guilty to, for which he’s served 34 years and counting in prison, but one he says he did not commit and is now appealing.Tallio’s affidavit said he was in the bathroom sobbing, and he started vomiting.Between two and three hours later, according to court documents, two RCMP constables picked up Tallio at Cyril’s house, placed him in the back of a police car, and drove him to the local police detachment.But they offer a glimpse into the community and families affected by the crime, and provide an indication of what Tallio’s lawyers may try to introduce as evidence in his appeal attempt.The morning before the murder, Tallio left his uncle Cyril Tallio’s home to go to school, according to the affidavit of a relative, Celestine Vickers.

Affidavits of Tallio and Vickers filed in court assert that while the two of them chatted on Cyril’s freezer, a relative named Marion “Lotta” Bolton asked Tallio to check up on her daughter Delavina, who was being watched by her grandparents a few houses away.The tragic, and entirely preventable, deaths of Chloe and Aubrey Berry are a grim reminder that when we are concerned about violence against women we should also worry about violence against the children.On paper, the legal system is designed to safeguard women and children’s right to a life free from violence. Continue Reading We are excited to be the community partner for The Cultch’s presentation of Hot Brown Honey, playing the York Theatre from January 9th to January 27th!Vickers and Tallio stayed up chatting until around a.m., by which time various people, including Delavina’s parents and Cyril, were asleep on couches and beds, so Tallio tried to curl up on the end of a couch, according to Vickers’ and Tallio’s affidavits.Unable to sleep in that position, Tallio said, he rose after about an hour and “thought it would be a good time to check on Delavina, as Lotta had asked me to do earlier.”After Vickers went to sleep around a.m., the next memory she included in her affidavit was being shaken awake by her sister Nina, who told her something like: “Phillip just came back from checking up on Delavina and he says that she’s dead.”Vickers said she could hear crying in the bathroom.

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After Tallio dropped Hood off, he returned to his uncle and aunt’s house where a party was underway, according to affidavits.

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