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In addition to being easy to use, the Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S includes free lifetime map updates and traffic alerts, new Trip Advisor ratings for points of interest, and—like all the models in Garmin’s Drive series—a suite of safety-oriented driver alerts.These alerts include warnings about upcoming speed-limit changes, red-light and speed cameras, school zones, railroad and animal crossings, and sharp curves.And, more important, we didn’t find the screen information to be quite as informative or as easy to access as Garmin’s, nor did we find the voice directions as driver-friendly.While the Tom Tom model typically told us to turn at a specific street name, for example, the Garmin units’ voice directions referenced easily identifiable landmarks such as a traffic light, a stop sign, or even “the red building.” Even so, the Go 50 S works fine as a basic navigator for everyday use.If you need to watch your budget as closely as you watch your directions, the Tom Tom Go 50 S may be all you want.It comes with free lifetime map updates and traffic alerts (when you connect it to your smartphone and use Tom Tom’s app).

No other GPS model provides such an attractive balance of features, value, and usability.For now, you can also still buy our previous upgrade pick, the Garmin Drive Assist 50LMT, which lacks the auto-texting feature as well as the built-in Wi-Fi, Trip Advisor ratings, parking info, and location sharing.For more than a decade, Eric Adams has been a personal tech reporter and automotive critic for Gear Patrol, Men’s Health, Popular Science, Wired, and other outlets.Our new runner-up and upgrade picks are the Garmin Drive Smart 51 LMT-S and the Garmin Drive Assist 51 LMT-S, respectively, both of which are updated versions of our previous picks.All of our previous Garmin picks are still available at discounted prices while supplies last.

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