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He started collecting art, including work by Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol, whom he paid for his first Campbell’s Soup painting.

The collection, which cost ,000, was surrendered to his first wife on their divorce in 1969. By 2000 it would have been worth between million and million.

Hopper won the part after telling the casting director: “I am Frank Booth”.

Yet despite his achievements and a list of friends that ranged from James Dean through Miles Davis and William Burroughs to Claes Oldenburg, Hopper was as famous for addictions and his “lost” years as for his enormous, if uneven, productivity.Made for less than 0,000 and taking more than million at the box office, Hopper’s parable of the American dream won Best Film at Cannes and, though criticised for “turning incoherence into sensitivity”, it became a cinematic sensation, making him — briefly — the most bankable director in Hollywood.If Easy Rider was emblematic of the spirit of the counterculture, The Last Movie (1970) was emblematic of its excesses.Meanwhile, his house became a magnet for the underground and a hotel for East Coast artists travelling West.Always prone to alcoholism, Hopper added LSD and cocaine to his repertoire and began consorting with the likes of Charles Bukowski, William Burroughs and Timothy Leary. Hopper marched alongside Martin Luther King, protested against the Vietnam War, and appeared in low budget films about bikers (The Glory Stompers, in 1966) and hallucinogenic drugs (The Trip, 1967).

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